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Since TM 1031 Exchange was founded by Mr. Tim Marshall, the company has been using its expertise in 1031 exchanges and other high-level real estate transactions to assist investors in meeting their strategic goals. Investors who register with us have access to information on desirable properties for 1031 exchanges as they become available. Many of the properties in our database are not sold on the open market and may be difficult to find elsewhere.

For example, our nationwide database contains information on TIC (tenant-in-common) properties that are often snapped up quickly in today's marketplace. By registering with us, investors hear about these opportunities immediately, giving them a chance to get in on quality investments.

In addition to our services in providing information on properties for investment, TM 1031 Exchange provides investors with a series of 1031 exchange tools. These tools include forms such as a 1031 Identification Form and a 1031 Checklist to guide investors through the process. We also ask that you send us a Close Date Form when the sale of your original property closes. This will help ensure that we provide you with information about properties that meet your needs within your time requirements.

Properly completing a 1031 exchange is a rule-driven, paperwork-intensive process. Our vast experience in this field will help us guide you through some of the steps so that you can concentrate on making smart investments. For more information or to register for our services, please give us a call at 1-877-4TM-1031 or send us an email here

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