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1031 TIC  

1031 TIC

Many investors want to take advantage of the tax deferral opportunities afforded by a 1031 exchange, but do not want the management responsibilities of dealing with a property in which they hold 100 percent interest. This is especially true of investors who are retiring or taking on other projects. These investors don't want all the time-consuming duties that go along with single ownership. They simply want property that works for them.

A tenant in common (TIC) exchange is a good option for an investor looking to obtain institutional-grade property without all the work that goes along with it. A management company typically takes care of most tasks related to the operations of the TIC, leaving investors free to work on myriad other projects or simply relax and enjoy the steady cash flow. Even with the freedom from active property management, investors are still able to enjoy the write-offs that go along with property ownership.

Often, investors are surprised to learn that TICs are eligible for acquisition in a 1031 exchange. They assume that they are required to exchange property in which they hold all the interest for new property they own solely. This is not the case. As long as the all the requirements of the 1031 exchange are met, an investor can exchange a sole-ownership property for a tenancy in common. Furthermore, they can go back to single ownership at a later date if they so choose.

There are plusses and minuses that are unique to TIC ownership. TM 1031 Exchange has successfully handled hundreds of TIC investments for 1031 exchange investors. Please contact us so we can discuss in more detail if a TIC is a good option for you.

Investors come to us at TM 1031 Exchange for help in finding the right properties in a speedy manner. The combination of our property database, National Referral Network, and long experience is key to locating the right property in the minimum amount of time. For help from the 1031 Team, call us toll-free at 1-877-4TM-1031 or contact us via e-mail

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