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Capital Gains Tax Laws

The capital gains tax is applied to the net gain you make on the sale of any capital asset. This can include items such as boats or planes, but is most often thought of in terms of real estate. Many see the capital gains tax as a deterrent to business and to investors, but there are ways to defer the taxes and hold onto your gain for reinvestment.

Federal capital gains tax for investment property held more than one year is currently 15 percent. Additionally, investors must pay federal taxes on the accumulated appreciation they have taken from the property (we suggest consulting your CPA for more information).

When the appropriate state taxes are applied to the sale on top of the capital gains tax, investors can face high rates that can diminish well over a quarter of their initial gain. In order to avoid this, many investors turn to tax deferred 1031 property exchanges. In a 1031, you take the gain and reinvest it into another property.

To learn more about the qualifications for a 1031 exchange and all of your options regarding capital gains tax laws, contact us at TM 1031 Exchange by phone at 1-877-4-TM1031 or by email at Our service is free to investors, and we can help you find the 1031 property that meets all of your investment criteria.

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