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Retail Real Estate

There are many choices available to those interested in buying retail real estate. Property types range from single-tenant properties to large regional malls. From shopping centers and strip malls to freestanding stores and specialty centers, today's market has much to offer the retail investor.

Though retail properties can be categorized according to type, size, and price, each property is unique in some ways. To decide the type of property you want and move on to selecting retail property that suits your needs, you must have a clear plan and carefully considered goals and objectives. Clearly defining your investment objectives and related risks is the first step in accomplishing your goal.

TM 1031 Exchange offers our in depth experience and a national database of hundreds of quality properties, many suitable for 1031 exchanges. Our number one goal is matching qualified investors with desirable property.

We work with investors and their brokers, developing a summary of investment goals and objectives. With the investor's needs in mind, we use our database to provide properties that fit his or her criteria. Many of the properties we have in our database are not yet on the open market. Thanks to our independent National Referral Network, we are able to access this information and give investors an edge on finding attractive retail properties. The TM 1031 Exchange team can be reached by phone toll-free at 1-877-4TM-1031 or by e-mail here

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