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Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial Real Estate


1031 Exchange
1031 Exchange, Tenants In Common - Free 1031 exchange and investment consultation.

Tenants In Common
Tenants In Common, Tenants-in-common - Also known as fractional-ownership programs, provide the ability for investors to buy partial interests in a property as an alternative to having to buy the entire property.

1031 Exchange
1031 Exchange, 1031 Exchange Properties - Property owners may sell like-kind properties and defer taxes on the sale's profits by meeting the requirements of Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 1031 exchange.

1031 Tools
1031 Tools, 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange How To
1031 Exchange How To, 1031 Exchange

Articles On 1031 Axchanges
Articles On 1031 Exchanges, 1031 Exchange - articless published in newspapers throughout the United States.

Reverse 1031 Exchange
Reverse 1031 Exchange, 1031 Exchange - Allowing the investor to purchase a replacement property before selling the property to be relinquished.

1033 Exchange
1033 Exchange, Capital Gains Tax

Tenant In Common
Tenant In Common, 1031 Tic Exchanges - The IRS has provided 15 guidelines by which a Tenant In Common (TIC) ownership interest will qualify for a tax deferred 1031 exchange.

Tenants In Common Properties
Tenants In Common Properties, Tenants In Common Property - Anyone involved in investment real estate today is aware of the challenge in finding a replacement property that qualifies for a 1031 tax deferred exchange.

1031 Replacement Property
1031 Replacement Property, 1031 Replacement Properties - A properly structured 1031 Exchange provides real estate investors with the opportunity to defer 100% of both Federal and State (if applicable) capital gains taxes on the sale of their existing properties.

NNN Properties
Net Lease, Nnn Lease - In its purest form (called a triple net lease) the tenant manages the property, doing everything from paying the taxes and insurance to sweeping out the driveway and repairing the roof if needed.

1031 Exchange Cost Recovery
1031 Exchange Cost Recovery, Capital Gains - One of the more significant benefits of investing in income producing real estate is the ability to decrease the tax obligation on the income produced through depreciation (aka cost recovery).

1031 Exchange Boot
1031 Exchange Boot, Personal Property Boot - In a 1031 exchange the in addition or profit is anything of value received by the investor which is not deemed like kind in the exchange.

Qualified Intermediary
Qualified Intermediary, 1031 Exchange - The first step to a successful stress free exchange is developing investment objectives adjusted for risk.  Following, are the professionals who the investor needs to have on their team before launching the sale of the property they are going to relinquish.

Investment Real Estate
Investment Real Estate, Investment Property - The following criteria can be helpful when screening and sorting out properties to consider.

Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Investments - The basic appeal of Multi Family is that we all need to live someplace no matter what the economy is doing.

NNN Lease
Nnn Lease, NNN - There comes a time in many investors lives when they decide they would like to spend less time managing their real estate holdings and more time enjoy the rewards of the labors.

Tic Investment
Tic Investment, Tic Property - Investors are attracted to Tenants in Common (TIC) investments for several reasons, including; reduced risk through diversification, the ability to own a small portion of a higher quality property.

Investment Properties
Investment Properties, Investment Real Estate - The Cash on Cash (COC) return of an investment is the net cash flow to the investor after deducting all expenses including debt service.

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