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Tim Marshall, president and CEO of TM 1031 Exchange Inc., founded the company in 1999 after experiencing the frustrations associated with investing in quality commercial real estate. He strives to maintain a business founded on the principles of candid knowledgeable guidance from experienced professionals, easy access to on and off-market properties, and relevant investment information. His basic premise is that investors are not sold anything, they buy based on knowledge gained from comparing relevant alternative investments.

Marshall has been a real estate broker since 1972 and has been involved in virtually every aspect of the real estate business. He launched his first online business-to-business real estate service in 1976, providing information for the real estate, insurance and banking industries. Marshall leveraged his expertise in real estate investing, appraisal, brokering, marketing, consulting, data processing, statistics, demographics and risk management to build TM 1031 Exchange Inc. His responsibilities include investor consultation, property evaluation, new business development and strategic planning.

Prior to founding TM 1031 Exchange Inc., Marshall served as president and CEO of Marshall & Swift (M&S), a leading national supplier of real estate information to the government, insurance and real estate industries. During his 15 years with M&S, he oversaw a ten-fold expansion of the business.

A native of California, Marshall earned his bachelor degree from the University of Southern California and did graduate work at Stanford University. He has lectured at numerous universities and to various professional groups nationwide. Marshall has also written numerous articles on real estate investing, valuation, 1031 exchanges, risk management and wealth creation and preservation.